Auckland skyline with sky towere reflecting in the viaduct harbour

How to maximise your time in Auckland?

New Zealand is a popular destination for backpacking, a holiday or even a place to work abroad for a while. It has a plethora of qualities which make it an attractive location; from extensive hiking tracks, to great surfing spots, to skiing fields, through to plenty of wineries to pay a visit to.

Most visitors head straight out to explore the vast rural areas and spend minimal time in the cities like Auckland, but Auckland actually has so much more to offer than people realise. And, as someone who spent a year getting to know the place, I'm on a mission to get people to spend a little time there and experience the qualities it has.

Check out my article for the Travelista Club where I outline ten things you can do that will maximise your time in the place known as the city of the sails.

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