The “why” behind Wonder Seeking Sarah

Eighteen months ago, I did the standard “I need to get out of here” moment that I think many travel-lovers have when they’re in their home country, in an office job and dreaming of all those places they’re yet to see.  I was happy, and I was comfortable, but I had a thirst for travel, seeing new things, meeting like-minded people and experiencing new things that I just wasn’t going to get from that comfortable bubble I was in.

So I left, what was quite a dreamy setup, to move across the world and seek out those things along with a lot of learning and adventures on the way.

map and laptop and camera and hands

What factors contributed to my decision?

I was very independent, had good work experience and wasn’t tied to any particular place – other than by a job. These circumstances spurred me on even more.

When I looked at it from the perspective of my circumstances, grabbing the opportunity to use the myriad of working holiday visas that are available to me across the world became a no-brainer.

I had, however, started to build up my experience and credibility as a marketing professional – a career I’m actually really passionate about – so I didn’t just want to throw the towel in completely and head off to travel the world making ends meet however I could. I’m sure some of you will have had similar reservations.

Instead, I wanted the best of both worlds. So, to start with, I decided to spend time in another country not only travelling but, living there and working in marketing roles that would continue to expand my career and my horizons.

Where did I get to and what made me start this blog?

A year on and I have just left New Zealand, where I travelled, settled in Auckland for a while, seen wonders I never knew existed, met incredible people and gained a whole bunch of skills that I can add to my marketing bow. Plus, I’ve found a new passion in writing; sprung from my time creating blogs and marketing content for a couple of New Zealand organisations.  

With this new passion growing, more confidence in putting my writing out there and because I’m still seeking more exciting adventures, I’ve decided to start my own blog in the form of “Wonder Seeking Sarah”. This will be my place to share the stories, thoughts, tips and ideas I have swirling around in my head and inspire others to follow a journey of a lifetime. 

What will this blog be about?

Because it’s a massive part of my life, a big focus of this blog is my travel experiences; places I LOVE, places I would not recommend, and advice or tips that I’ve learned  – particularly as a solo female traveller.

But, I’m starting this blog to write about the things I’m passionate about, so on the odd occasion, I might create a post on what books I’m obsessed with, or what food trends I can’t get enough of.

A big passion of mine is also developing my marketing career, even while I’m on the road, so I hope to share how I’m enabling my career to grow while living the nomadic lifestyle and tips I’ve picked up on finding work abroad or working remotely.

The journey is on…

If you’ve read this far and decide to explore my blog, I hope you find my posts interesting, useful and inspiring.

And, I’m a sucker for advice and learning new things so I would love to hear your feedback and for you to share your own stories and passions with me – the more engagement, the more learning we can all take away.

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