The next chapter for Wonder Seeking Sarah

Woweee what an incredible couple of years I have had! From leaving my job at Vodafone in Newbury, jetting to the other side of the world and spending a year travelling and working for two great companies in New Zealand; to spending time with my brother and his partner in Aus, seeing the great life they’ve made for themselves there; through to the unforgettable time I have had travelling around Australia and Asia. 

I have learned about so many different cultures and ways of life, learnt new skills, met a multitude of like minded and incredible people, and been able to reset my perspective on life. 

The opportunities and experiences I have had on my travels have been more valuable than I could have ever imagined. This made landing back in the UK both daunting and exciting. It felt like an ending, but really it was just the end of one chapter and the start of a new one.

Two months on from that day, I am over the moon to begin the next adventure tomorrow as product marketing manager for the innovative and inspiring brand Hotel Chocolat, at a really exciting time in their own journey. I cannot wait to see how this next chapter in my career (and in my life) unfolds. 

What does this mean for Wonder Seeking Sarah?

I created this blog because I think sharing your experiences and knowledge with those who want to listen is really important. From having access to all the great content I have found in peoples blogs, I have discovered things I may never have know anything about. From information I have found I have been able to make the most of just one day somewhere by getting the top tips of what to see/do there. From reviews of trips, to which hostels suck and which ones are great, through to the best place to eat roti, the wealth of information out there is amazing. I hope some of what I share helps others on their own travels like so many of other bloggers’ info has helped me on mine. 

I also want to continue to inspire people that whatever your situation, whether you’re single, in a relationship, wanting to do full time travel or just travel at the weekends, you can make it work and you can see the world. Even if it takes you 50 years to complete a travel list that might take someone else a year. 

I still have so much from my travels to share and although I might not post everyday (or even week for that matter), I will continue to share my travel wisdom, tips and inspo. I will still be jetting off to places when I can (around the full time job) – I mean, the travel bug is real and I definitely have a strong case of it 😉 – so this certainly isn’t the end of my exploring.

The next chapter of Wonder Seeking Sarah has arrived. My passion for travel is rivalled with my love of working in Marketing. A new and exciting opportunity as a Product Marketing Manager means I am putting full-time travel on hold, but I can assure you it's not the end of Wonder Seeking Sarah. Read my blog post to find out more.
Enjoying the turquoise blue waters of Phi Phi, Thailand 🙂

Wonder Seeking Sarah has many more places to go yet and I hope you continue to enjoy following my adventures 🙂 


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